Drylands Natural Resources Centre (DNRC) Drylands Natural Resources Centre (DNRC)

The Drylands Natural Resources Centre (DNRC) works in Kenya to regenerate dryland resources holistically. It addresses three pillars of development: environmental, economic, and social. This small–scale and self–funded initiative promotes change through organic growing, processing, tree planting, farmer summits, and seedling sales. The DNRC promotes diversified local trees for food, nutrition, fuel, fibre, medicine, timber, and fodder. DNRC maintains a tree nursery of 25 species of drought-resistant trees, a seed bank, and demonstrative farms on agroforestry and agronomy practices. Their farmer training provides education on organic and agroecological methods. 

Some of the DNRC’s goals are to: 1) engage farmers as partners in collaboration on learning, community building, and sustainable business development; 2) improve the environment, protect natural resources, build lasting capabilities, and generate wealth for participants; 3) equip farmers with the knowledge and capital needed for success in the restoration of degraded land, prudent investments, knowledge sharing, and increased income; 4) aspire to model accountability, evidence-based innovation, financial self–sufficiency, long–term community commitment, and transparency; and 5) respect local communities’ preferences, practices, and histories through tackling problems and pursuing solutions. 

Nicholas Syano, director and founder of the DNRC, shared a story from a participant who used to have to travel very far to find firewood, leaving her child alone for extended periods of time. Now, the farmer says, “We have more than enough firewood and don’t have to travel a long distance to find firewood.”

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