This award-winning private–sector initiative is dedicated to the production and importation of sustainable, organic, and fair trade fruits and vegetables. Eosta is an international distributor with relationships with over 1,000 growers in 6 continents. They provide full traceability of their products, provide extension services to farmers, promote true cost accounting, and build a sustainable market with consumers. This traceability allows consumers to make well–informed purchases at prices fair to producers, society, and the environment. As “orchestrators of the production and supply chain,” Eosta provides agroeconomic advice, finances, packaging, product innovation, logistics, marketing, and distribution to their customers.  

The core values at the heart of their approach are responsibility, togetherness, and authenticity. Eosta is Europe’s most innovative importer, packer, and distributor of fresh, organic produce. They work with major retailers and natural food stores in Europe, the United States, Canada, and the Far East. The mission of Eosta is to contribute to healthy food, a sustainable environment, and social responsibility, or “Healthy, Organic, Fair.” Their vision is to enhance sustainability through a 4M approach: monitor, manage, monetize, and market sustainability. 

The initiative promotes the co-creation and exploration of synergies, private-sector leadership, transparency, and making visible the true cost of food. Eosta believes that sustainability cannot be anchored in niches but must instead be mainstreamed and that the private sector has to align with sustainability and be a driver toward it.

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