Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP)

This pact, signed by 150 cities globally and led by Milan, provides 37 suggestions in voluntary guidelines that work toward sustainable food systems. The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) builds commitment to coordinate international food policies and engages with the mayors of cities to recognize their role in making positive changes. The members meet in person yearly as well as regularly through video conferences. This allows members to network and highlight good practices and policy throughout the cities. 

The recommended actions for MUFPP signatories fit into the following categories: 1) governance; 2) sustainable diets and nutrition; 3) social and economic equity; 4) food production; 5) food supply and distribution; and 6) food waste. Some examples of the recommended actions are: to facilitate collaboration across city agencies and departments; enhance stakeholder participation at the city level; identify, map, and evaluate local initiatives and civil society food movements to transform best practices; develop or revise urban food policies and plans; and develop or improve multisectoral information systems.

Maurizio Mariani, general manager of Eating City, working on sustainable food procurement based in Europe, shared some stories of city successes within the MUFPP. For example: Copenhagen’s food council has led the way by mandating that 90% of the food served in their canteens must be organic; Valencia’s mayor is taking an active role in food systems transformation; and the City of Toronto is taking a bottom-up and inclusive approach to their role within the MUFPP. 

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