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This independent farmers’ co-op, founded in 1988 in the United States, is based in La Farge, Wisconsin. Organic Valley works with 2,000 farmer-owners across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom to support middle-sized agriculture through a cooperative structure. They believe that agroecology is the only sustainable way forward and that education is the key to this transformation.

Organic Valley markets its products across all 50 U.S. states and exports to 25 countries. They have impressive statistics: they earn $1.1 billion in annual sales; manage 500,000 acres of organic farmland; produce 40% of the organic milk sold in the U.S.; and represent 15% of all organic farmers in the country. Sustainability is at the core of what they do, as well as renewable energy and promoting the organic food movement. They hope to show consumers the link between health, environmental health, and conventional agriculture production. 

Theresa Marquez, a mission executive for CROPP Cooperative, Organic Valley, and Organic Prairie, highlighted the need for this work by citing studies — studies that she feels are suppressed by large agtech companies — that show women who live in the U.S. corn belt should try to avoid pregnancy during spring due to the high risk of birth abnormalities caused by exposure to pesticides. 

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