Vanuatu 2030 Vanuatu 2030

Vanuatu 2030 is Vanuatu’s national sustainable development plan. It aims to build alternate pathways to sustainability based on culture, values, natural wealth, and indicators of happiness. It is the country’s highest–level policy framework and has three pillars of focus: society; the environment, and the economy.

Vanuatu believes that sustainable food systems are integral to improving the agricultural sector, climate change, and health. Their plan focuses on a devolution of authority to local area councils that merge with customary boundaries based on shared culture. The plan addresses land reform and governance issues that affect the food system in Vanuatu. 

Ralph Regenvanu, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, shared that the cabinet evaluated their organic policy last year and recognized that the government needed to set an example for the rest of the country. They decided that all government canteens must serve 50% organic food, and they are soon increasing that percentage to 75%.

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